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posted at 10:11 am on 3/20/2015

When you need to have an estate sale, you want it be a success so that you can 
make as much money as possible. You may even consider doing it yourself so that 
you can keep all the money you make. But how do you know when you should do 
it yourself and when it’s best to let a pro handle the sale?
One of the most important things to consider when hiring an estate sale 
professional is the value of the items that you want to sell. Another is whether or 
not an estate sale is really the best option for selling the types of items you have. 
To help you figure out whether you should do it yourself or hire a pro, begin by 
answering these three questions:
1 - Are you selling enough items of value? If you only have a handful of items 
with significant monetary value, your sale may not warrant hiring an estate sale 
professional. Instead you may want to consider finding a vintage or antique shop 
that takes items on consignment to sell the most valuable items, then you can sell 
the less valuable items yourself in a garage sale or on online sites like eBay or 
Craigslist. On the other hand, if you have a lot of items with significant value, or a 
number of items that you know are valuable but aren’t sure of their actual worth, 
it may be best to call in a pro so that you don’t end up selling these items way 
below their value.
2 - Do you value your items for their sentimental value or actual cost value? Be 
sure when you are trying to assess the value of your items that you are not 
confusing sentimental value with monetary value. Just because an item has been 
in your family for a long time or has special meaning to you or someone else in 
your family does not mean it has actual monetary value. And it doesn’t mean that 
you can charge a customer for the amount that you feel you need to be able to 
part with the item because of the sentimental attachment that you have to it.
3- Would the items that you have be more suitable for a garage sale or an estate 
sale? It’s important to really analyze the quality and condition of the items that 
you have to sell. If many of the items are damaged, in disrepair, or need cleaning, 
they may be more saleable in a garage sale than an estate sale. Ask yourself if 
your items are the typical items that you would see at a yard sale, or if they are 
more like the items that you would see in an upscale vintage or antique store. If 
the latter is true, an estate sale is probably the best option for you.
If your answers to the above questions indicate that a garage sale or consignment 
shop would be your best options, then you can handle that on your own without 
the help of a professional. However, if your answers indicate that an estate sale is 
your best route, then the next thing you should do is a little research to 
determine what an estate sale company can provide for you and how much they 
will charge. 
The most evident reasons to hire a trusted professional to conduct your estate 
sale are that they will make you the most money they can and they will do all the 
work for you. Running an estate sale is no easy feat and you should take into 
account the amount of labor and time an estate will take if you attempt to do it 
There are also many other reasons why an estate sale company can make your 
sale more successful than you could if doing it yourself. Not only can they 
advertise and stage the sale, fairly price your items, and run the sale for you, but 
they can also give you advice to help you make the best decisions for a successful 
sale, and you as the estate holder can be as involved or uninvolved with the 
estate sale as you please.
Be sure to shop around for when hiring an estate sale pro. And remember that if 
you hire an ESBA professional, you will get the peace of mind of knowing that 
your sale is being handled by an experienced, verified professional.

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