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the poisonous fluid that some animals, as certain snakes and spiders, secrete and introduce into the bodies of their victims by biting, stinging, etc. 2. something resembling or suggesting poison in its effect; spite; malice: the venom of jealousy. Adj. 1. venomed - full of malice or hate; "venomed remarks" malicious - having the nature of or resulting from malice; "malicious gossip"; "took malicious pleasure in watching me wince"- Rudyard Kipling. Based on WordNet , Farlex clipart collection. Looking for online definition of venomed in the Medical Dictionary? venomed explanation free. What is venomed? Meaning of venomed medical term.

Definition of venomed -. The other at thy patient back doth hang To keep the boons thou'rt wonted to receive: Reproof therein doth hide her venomed fang, And hard barbaric arts, that . venomed (2 cf. “venom'd-mouth'd” H8 I. i. , altered in mod. edd. to “venom- mouth'd”†). 1. poisoned R2 I. i. “slander's v-'d spear,” Ham. IV. vii. , Ven.

Adjective. (comparative more venomed, superlative most venomed). containing venom. English Wiktionary. Available under CC-BY-SA license. Link/Cite. Synonyms for venomed at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for venomed. 10 Jan Country of origin: Indonesia; Location: Yogyakarta; Status: Active; Formed in: Genre: Brutal Death Metal; Lyrical themes: N/A; Current. venomed (comparative more venomed, superlative most venomed). containing venom quotations ▽. , Henry A. Murray, Lands of the Slave and the Free. When you sling STI ridden sperm like spider-man in a womens face.


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