A way to speed up and ensure best practices for the Estate Sales that happen everyday across the United States. Estate Holders want to know who will be on their property, and selling their goods. Estate Sale Professionals can’t have each potential client calling every past reference. We make the calls to the Estate Sale Pros and their past references annually to ensure the best results. Optionally, Estate Sale Pros can elect to have us dig deeper into their business, resulting in higher peace of mind for their potential clients.


Once ESBA receives application and application fee, we process the Estate Sale Professional Company by the following process.

1. Verify that you are a licensed corporate entity or business in your state.

2. Check your past Estate Sale references.

3. Conduct an interview with you (or the person designated by your business) to verify your experience and back ground in estate sales.

4. If you’d like an optional icon to display on your ESBA website listing that shows you are bonded and insured, we will gather the information from you to verify this information.
5. Felony Background Checks. Optional – Highly Suggested; If you’d like an optional icon to display on your ESBA website listing that shows you and/or other employees at your business have passed background checks, we will provide you with information for our third-party vendor which will conduct the check and then send us the results. This way we never see your Social Security Number or other private information.

6. Upon completion of the verification process, a listed estate sale company becomes eligible for the Verified designation. Once verified, your listing will move to the Verified Estate Sale Pros list.

ESBA contacts prior Estate Sale Clients so that you don’t have to, for all of our Verified Companies


All Verified estate sale service providers must speak with us directly to ensure experience and professionalism


As an option, Estate Sale Pros may choose to have us verify their license and Insurance


Optional - Estate Sale Pros can use our 3rd party vendor to run felony checks to ensure safety

Only after this process is complete, will a listed Estate Sale Company become eligible for the Verified title. Once a company is verified, their listing will move to the Verified Estate Sale Pros list . To become Verified , fill out our form to get the Verified Estate Sale Professional process started now.